Chinese Acrobats
Welcome to the Fabulous Chinese Acrobats

Brought to you by The Bureau of Lectures & Concert Artists, the Fabulous Chinese Acrobats are comprised of 3-4 individuals who perform dazzling acrobatic stunts and feats of balance, flexibility, coordination and strength.

These talented athletes tumble and flip, twist and bend in mesmerizing ways, demonstrating how practice, concentration and hard work turn their bodies into moving works of art. They skillfully balance or juggle items such as porcelain jars, silk umbrellas, tables or each other as they share this ancient and colorful art form. The Fabulous Chinese Acrobats give audiences an unforgettable, breathtaking experience.

school assembly

School Assembly Shows

The Chinese Acrobats have performed at schools all across the country. Our school assembly programs include:

  • Balancing
  • Juggling
  • Dance
  • Domedy
  • Magic

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