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Acrobatics is the pearl in the treasure house of the traditional Chinese performing arts. Chinese acrobatics have a long and rich heritage. The acrobatic arts have been existent in China for more than two thousand years! Chinese acrobatics first emerged during the Han dynasty, more than two thousand years ago. China has an annual competition called the China WuQiao International Circus Festival held once every two years for the acrobatic academies. Families of acrobats have continued the tradition of performance for generations. These artists, 16 and older, have been training most of their lives. Today these performers follow the unbroken tradition of Chinese acrobatics while incorporating new incredible feats into their repertoires.

The art of Chinese acrobatics combines both physically and spiritually. Coupled with an acrobat's immense athletic strength and impeccable balance and timing is the Asian philosophy of inner strength , which focuses the body and mind to work in perfect harmony. Each individual acrobat's physical and philosophical strength combines with that of the fellow members of his or her troupe in magnificent displays of balancing, juggling, dance, comedy and magic.

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